Rataspakka Shimano ULTEGRA CS-R8100 12-speed

    Rataspakka Shimano ULTEGRA CS-R8100 12-speed

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    Kuvaus - Rataspakka Shimano ULTEGRA CS-R8100 12-speed
    Ultegra R8100 – Leave Time Behind. When developing the Ultegra R8100 series, Shimano took a holistic and 100 % performance-oriented approach, because great speed means great responsibility. Faster than ever before, the 12-speed road groupset scores with unparalleled control and comfort anytime and anywhere – whether in an everyman race, on the hunt for a personal best time or on a companionable ride. As with the Dura Ace R9200, not only does Hyperglide+ make its way into the Ultegra's components, also its Di2 parts rely on Wireless technology to simplify operation and ensure smooth shifting. The Shimano Ultegra CS-R8100 cassette is characterised by seamless shifting processes that not only ensure quiet cruising, but also allow the rider to devote their full concentration to climbs and sprints. This is made possible by the Hyperglide+ technology which has already been able to convince in the MTB segment with smooth shifting processes in both directions across the entire gear range. Even under maximum effort or in a direct duel with the opponent, smooth upshifting and downshifting can be realised, while larger teeth maintain maximum efficiency. And the 12-speed cassette is even compatible with Shimano's previous 11-speed freewheel bodies.

    Sprocket combinations (OPTIONAL): 11-30T OR 11-34T
    Sprocket ratios (OPTIONAL): 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27-30 OR 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27-30-34

    Sprockets: steel (nickel plated)
    Spiders: aluminium (anodized / painted)

    Comaptible with:
    Rear derailleurs: RD-R9250, RD-R8150
    Chains: CN-M9100, CN-M8100, CN-M7100, CN-M6100

    Weight: 291 gr (11-30 teeth) / 345 g (11-34 teeth)

    The conventional Hyperglide technology ensures smooth shifting upwards thanks to small shifting ramps, which guide the chain towards the next larger sprocket. Also Hyperglide+ uses this functionality but applies it in the opposite direction, too, preventing the chain from falling down when shifting downwards. The result is a smooth and consistent shifting in both directions, free of vibrations and without disrupting the cadence.
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    Rataspakka Shimano ULTEGRA CS-R8100 12-speed
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    Rataspakka Shimano ULTEGRA CS-R8100 12-speed

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