Pyöräilykypärän Uvex i-vo cc MIPS black-plum

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Kuvaus - Pyöräilykypärän Uvex i-vo cc MIPS black-plum
There are demands. Standards. And there is UVEX. We don't just comply with high demands, expectations and standards, WE EXCEED THEM!
The search for a practical all-rounder with the greatest possible safety features ends with the uvex i-vo cc MIPS. The uvex i-vo cc MIPS is aimed specifically at bike tourists and frequent tourers. The lightweight all-rounder has first-class ventilation and also protects against rotational forces in the event of an accident. Equipped with integrated Multi Impact Protection System (MIPS) for additional protection against rotational forces and 3D IAS system for optimum helmet fit, the sleek touring helmet convinces from the first ride. 24 large ventilation openings, of course with fly net on the front side, ensure a perfect helmet climate. With this helmet the next cycling holiday can come.

Product technical specifications

  • MIPS adjustable in height and width
  • Inmould
  • 3D IAS size adjustment
  • 24 ventilation openings
  • FAS strap system
  • Monomatic closure
  • Protection from insects (bugs net)
  • Vent head pad (one-piece)
  • Plug-in LED compatible (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Standards: EN 1078
  • Weight: 280g


MIPS – MIPS is an acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and represents an innovative technology that can be used to equip helmets for a variety of different purposes. Mips was designed to make helmets safer in oblique impact situations, both in recreational and outdoor sports (climbing, mountain biking and motorbike riding) but also in the workplace. In practical terms, Mips is a moving layer that is integrated on the inside of the safety helmet – close to the head. The sliding layer is not rigidly fixed but can move back and forth by 10 to 15 millimetres. In the event of lateral impact, this range of motion enables the helmet design to deflect acting rotational forces from the wearer’s head and brain using a sliding movement. Safety helmets that are equipped with Mips therefore offer a higher level of protection for the helmet wearer than conventional helmets.

INMOULD SHELL - Protective EPS material is foamed directly into the polycarbonate shell. This technology allows to create a lightweight helmet with highest impact resistance. Perfect fusion of EPS inner layer and polycarbonate outer layer. EPS is a material, which contains microscopic air chambers. They effectively absorb the impact forces created in a fall.

VENT PADS – Interior features significantly affect a helmet’s comfort. The Vent Pads consists of high quality moisture wicking material with embossed ventilation channels. They are comfortable and soft on the skin, dry quickly, are removable and washable.

MONOMATIC - Multi-stage and anatomically shaped UVEX’s monomatic comfort closure opens and closes at the touch of a button, with just one hand. The chin strap always sits perfectly.

FAS STRAPS - Fast Adapting System webbing can be easily and continuously tailored to your exact head shape. The helmet stays securely on the head in all situations and the webbing straps are always in the best position. Y-divider provides individual adjustment options – and a secure, comfortable fit. IAS - The UVEX IAS adjustment system allows accurate, individual adjustment of the helmet to the head circumference just with one hand.

3D IAS – The sophisticated IAS 3D system provides optimal helmet size adjustment to different head sizes and shapes by simply turning the adjusting wheel. The space inside the helmet adapts to the height and circumference of the head.

Please measure your head circumference to get the right helmet size. Recommended to measure with a measuring tape or a rope about 1.5cm above the ears.

Wearing an UVEX helmet ensures your safety. Every helmet undergoes rigorous tests in our testing centre, so that the quality and function is guaranteed. Standards: EN 1078

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Pyöräilykypärän Uvex i-vo cc MIPS black-plum
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Pyöräilykypärän Uvex i-vo cc MIPS black-plum

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